28 feb. 2011

Del 1. City of Sadness

Jiufen a.k.a. city of sadness. We arrived at 9 pm, it was like a ghost town

Found a place to eat. With the sea on our side, this became one of the best meals I've ever had

Take a peek inside of an old mining tunnel

...and out sweet little romantic suite, with a red heart shaped pillow and a giant stuffed animal between us

Did we survive the night? To be continued...

27 feb. 2011



Jay: I'm a shark and I like to eat cat...

Daniel is happy

Choosing a birthday present

Curious strawberries waiting to be eaten

Happy birthday to Jeffey and Erica!

23 feb. 2011


In food I trust.

Outdoor sound system

Somewhere in between

21 feb. 2011


Second hand shopping with friends

Dinner for three


Daniel jamming with Fernando... boom

20 feb. 2011

All the small things

Presentation för högste chefen på MSI och andra kostymsnubbarna.

Underground band i en mysig källarbar!

I think i'm in love....