1 mars 2011

Del 2. Vibrance of sadness

Warning! This post contains photage of reptile! Viewer discretion is advised!

Anyway, this is why we chose this suite, look at this view!

Yes, this is outside our door

Mountain gazing

Having our breakfast and planning for rest of the day

Threading our way through the town

Alright, first stop, all the way to the top

Paying our respect to the guarding spirits of the mountain

Cherry trail

Almost 700 m above the sea level, not too high, but damn! What a view!

Looking over the city of sadness

Oh snap!

Oh he fell....

At ground level again and starving!

Took one of the restaurants with nice view. We were just on the top of that mountain half an hour ago, impressive!

Cold beeer..... yummy~

Food, need I say more? Dig in! Rice with ants.... yummy~

...no it wasn't ants, it was sesames.

To be continued...

3 kommentarer:

Miyumi sa...

Ska man rekommendera denna posten till Karin?

Anna sa...

Vad kul! Min vän Annika besökte samma stad förra månaden. Kände igen huset på sista utsiktsbilden med röda lyktor från hennes bilder. Det svarta huset bredvid ser helmysigt ut! Fina bilder!

Yo sa...

Jiufen är ett måste om man är i Taiwan. Tack!

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