2 mars 2011

Del 3. End of sadness

With our stomach all filled, we continued with our journey

Zero as roof?

Mushroom cloud, nice~

More stairs


Old ruins of a Japanese style jinja, from the Japanese colonial period

Golden falls

Why golden? Because of the heavy metal pollution from a nearby gold mine, which has been inactive for decades.

Something creepy happened to us when we visited this ruin, but I'll take that at another time

Golden river or whatever, pollution. Gift from the early 20s

At noon we left the city of sadness and headed to Keelung. Straying around at the tempel square, trying different local delicacies

Finish the day with a cup of tea (espresso for Daniel) at The Starbucks

Next update, the 4th and the last part of this journey. With 4 or more comments I will put up some fan services! ;)

To be continued...

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Samuel Wahlstedt sa...


Anonym sa...

Tack för varningen på förra inlägget Jeppe :)
Finfina bilder!
/Auntie Karin

jennifer sa...

Verkligen härliga bilder!

Miyumi sa...

還在玩捏? 有沒有在做論文啊?

Chi-Pei sa...

Vad är fan service?

Yo sa...

SW: Del 4 är uppe =) med FS!

Karin: Det var så lite så! Tack så mycket!

Jennifer: Tackar tackar =)

Mickel: 當然都在玩而已!

Pei: När man bjuder på "något" för sina trogna fans =) Oftast i form av någon nudity, haha fråga mickel, han kan mycket om det. Mest förekommande i anime och manga sammanhang =)

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